2014 Trend Prediction #7: The Year of Tea


Get your pinky fingers ready folks because my prediction for 2014 is tea… lots and lots of tea.

This predication may sound strange since tea is the second most popular beverage around the world (scoring close to that one classic beverage we all know and love…water), but as Dunkin Donuts taught us, America really does run on coffee. As American’s become more health conscious, 2014 will be the year more people turn to tea for their morning (and late night) routine.

In an effort to get ahead of the trend, Starbucks acquired Teavana and has already began taking steps to transform the way American’s view and drink tea. This fall, they introduced the Teavanna flagship store in Manhattan where customers can choose from a variety of teas and are encouraged to lounge around while they enjoy their beverage and calming atmosphere of the store. Starbucks executives are confident that with time people will flock to tea shops just the way they do to Starbucks for coffee.

The trend doesn’t stop there! Food experts are noticing chefs and mixologists using tea to add healthy and fresh flavors to their food and drinks. Keep a look out on restaurant menus for tea-infused cocktails and dishes with some extra spice provided by black tea leaves.

Cheers to 2014 and don’t forget…pinky’s up!

Megan Breehl Assistant Publicist