Welcome to the first posting on the Zapwater Communications Blog. I’ve debated for months about starting a Zapwater Blog, and I believe now is the perfect time. Last year was an exciting year that included the addition of many new clients to our roster and incredible growth. 2007 will be even more exciting as we embark on several very exciting projects with headline-grabbing clients.

Recently I was talking with some friends and the general consensus was what a great life we publicists live. While it’s true we go to great parties and have an insider’s peek beyond the velvet rope, there is much more to the public relations industry and Zapwater than the flash and sizzle. Yes, Zapwater has a booming hospitality and lifestyle practice. But we also work for technology, corporate and industrial clients.

Our first client was ErgoSoft. What do they make you ask? ErgoSoft makes Raster Imaging Processors or RIPs, the software used to drive wide-format printers. For us at Zapwater, Ergosoft is just as exciting as opening the hottest new nightlife venue or restaurant, which of course we do just as well.

Why a Blog?

We decided to post a Blog for many reasons. Per the opinions of my friends, I do live a fun and happy life. This Blog enables us to share experiences, talk about trends and to both praise and critique our industry.

The entire Zapwater team, or “Zapwaterers” as I affectionately call them will be posting on the Blog as well.

During the next few months we’ll be posting entries from events like the Sundance Film Festival and The 2007 Photo Marketing Show. We’ll also take you inside the coolest new restaurants, nightlife venues, boutiques and fashion shows.

Please return often and read the Zapwater Blog which we call “Everything Zapwater.”

David Zapata

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