Just this past year, Tumblr had more than seven million people with registered blogs. In terms of blogging platforms, that equals major success. So, it seems like the necessary next step that companies will begin actively using Tumblr as another social platform to connect with their peers, adoring fans, and prospective clients. Thus, Zapwater joined the Tumblr-sphere. (

A few things to note about Tumblr: 1. The most successful Tumblr blogs embody a personality. Whether you’re posting pictures with a consistent theme, or posting thoughtful short text about your latest life endeavors, knowing your personality is key. Zapwater is an amazing place to work, and we are an extremely dynamic group. Our Tumblr will aim to capture all of the elements that make Zapwater a great place to work.

2. Post frequently. Unlike blogs of old, posting daily is recommended. If anything, it will only help to establish your identity sooner. Also, Tumblr is the ideal format for quick blogs, not lengthy text about why the sky is blue, which contributes to the frequency of people posting. Pick something that speaks to who you are and post it!

3. This is not a popularity contest (even though some people think it is). This could be argued by any one, but social media should always be about quality and especially with Tumblr. Curate a group of followers that will appreciate your content, love your company and what you are doing, and are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. Aimlessly following people and hoping they will follow you back is pointless (which is almost always true!). Start by using your established social platforms to promote and from there the followers should come.

These are just some of the nuggets of Tumblr wisdom we have observed and believe to be true. Please share your thoughts and join us on Tumblr!