ZAP Decor: HolidayHostess Gifts

Do you usually host your family during the holiday season? Hosting can be a lot of work, between the time effort and money, that’s why it’s always nice to bring your host or hostess a gift to thank them for such an amazing soiree. If you’re feeling a bit on the crafty side, I would recommend putting together these cute mason jars with ingredients from Fresh Thyme Farmers Market to take along for the hostess at the next party you attend. Their bulk section is filled with every kind of spice or grain you can imagine, not to mention it’s extremely affordable. Fresh Thyme Farmers Market is a great place to shop for your holiday needs this year because it’s affordable, fresh and 100% organic.


For this craft you will need:

  • Mason jars
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Spices or Grains

I chose dried rosemary, cloves, dried cranberries, and toffee covered peanuts, I thought they could use the spices for cooking or the cranberries or peanuts might make a festive snack. Sprinkle the spices or snacks, seal them and tie a ribbon around them. Feel free to layer the ingredients or only place one ingredient inside.

Image via  Birdies Slippers

If you aren’t feeling as crafty this year and want to splurge, I would recommend giving your hostess a pair of Birdies Slippers. These slippers are sophisticated and stylish and are to be worn in the comfort of your home. They are perfect for a long day of cooking on your feet or entertaining. Ditch the frumpy slippers and give the hostess something a bit more sophisticated.

Sally Carpenter, Fall 2016 Intern