ZAP Bites: Pies the Word in the West Loop


Since opening its doors in November, Lone Wolf has become the go-to spot for before- or after-dinner drinks on Randolph Street. From the Sgroppino cocktails that seem to be created specifically for a Chicago summer to the seasonal selection of Three Floyd’s beer, Lone Wolf could fill bar stools with the drink menu alone. But, thanks to Chef Art Jackson and his Pleasant House Royal Pies, people are crowding around the dining tables too.

Expect things to get a lot more crowded this summer when word gets out that the Lone Wolf team has invited some very well-known Chef friends to create their own signature Royal Pie recipes that will be available for a very limited time.

First up, and on the menu now, is Chef Mark Steuer’s (Carriage House) Pork Belly and Crawfish with Creole Mustard pie. His southern-inspired recipe is $10 and proceeds benefit un86’d – a charity that aids restaurant professionals in need.

So stop in early and often because there is a seriously stacked line up of chefs, including Chefs Christine Cikowski and Josh Kulp (Honey Butter Fried Chicken), Chef Abraham Conlon (Fat Rice) and Chef Charlie McKenna (Lillie’s Q), introducing a new pie each month from now through September.

- Mary Doyle, Account Supervisor