You never know who you are going to meet”, that is my life motto and I swear by it. I truly believe I would not have had the opportunity to intern at Zapwater Communications without living life this way. I could say that my Zapwater journey started a short two months ago, but that would not be the complete truth. In my mind it all began one night out in Wicker Park last May, when I was introduced through a friend of a friend, to a young, enthusiastic, fashionable, power PR woman by the name of Kiran Advani. We got the chance to chat about PR and she gave me her business card. The next morning I could not wait to start learning all I could about Zapwater Communications. I followed them as they promoted RA Sushi, saw K.Amato designs in US Weekly and Lucky and watched the unveiling of the newly renovated Hotel Sax Chicago.

Eventually a year later my school schedule lightened up allowing me to take a summer off from classes to focus my time, energy, knowledge and enthusiasm on an internship. I knew, since that night in Wicker Park, that I wanted to intern at Zapwater. Hopefully they would realize they wanted me too.

So here I am, a year and three months later, calling myself a Zapwater Intern! Coming in with such high hopes and expectations could have been disastrous, but Zapwater sure has delivered. From day one I have been given the responsibility and trusted to work alongside the publicists in all areas of PR from writing press releases, pitching stories, creating media lists to offering manpower at the door for high profile events.

As the summer term comes to an end I am excited to accept the offer to return as an intern for yet another, what I am sure will be, eventful session. I am already gearing up to start promoting, with Publicist Holly Ramsey, our new client PJ Loughran and his company Kerosene Creative Services, a multi-facetted advertising and marketing agency. Loughran seems to have the same idea about embracing the unexpected and those chance encounters so I look forward to where life takes me, Zapwater and all our clients next!

Ashley Plaetzer