2013 Trend Prediction: The Year of the Hipster

In 2012 we saw a recent rise in “hipster” culture. With brands like Nasty Gal and Urban Outfitters dominating fashion and lifestyle markets and the popularity of craft beers and whisky regaining mainstream popularity, I predict that 2013 will ensure the rise of “hipster” culture. Fashion trends including spiked jewelry, oversized clothing and tribal prints are becoming more main stream. Even plaid (or tartan) is taking a life of its own with high fashion hybrids gracing runways.

TR_Tribal-Skirts_v3 Spike-Jewelry

The popularity of “hipster” drinks including craft beers, and specialty whiskies, have taken the place of domestic beers and cocktails. These drinks have garnered attention from media and people looking to try something new. I predict the momentum and intrigue will last well into 2013.


The rise of “hipster” culture is an example of something that is frowned upon becoming cool among the masses. We can’t beat ‘em, so we may as well join them. Long live the hipster; also known as, those who are too cool to be cool.

 Camille Smith, Assistant Publicist