At Zapwater, involvement in the community has always been an important focus. In 2012, the Zapwater team has collectively decided that we want to increase our community involvement. From offering pro bono services to non-profit organizations, to participating in Zapwater Service Days; we are making an extra effort this year to serve our community.

We are a passionate, opinionated bunch, and we are looking for suggestions of organizations to donate our time for the very first “Zapwater Service Day.” We’d love to get involved in organizations that support the ethical treatment of animals, women’s rights, and programs that aid less fortunate children in Chicago.

If you know of any organizations looking for volunteers, send them to Brigid Parr, If you know of any organizations looking for pro bono PR services, send them to David Zapata,

It is our goal to do more than sign a check. In true Zapwater fashion, we want to dedicate our time to a community effort and do our part to make a difference. Stay tuned for updates on our community involvement and the first ever “Zapwater Service Day.”