What do Peapod, puppies, and potlucks have in common? They’re some of the perks and quirks that make Zapwater a creative, inviting, and positive place to work. As Zapwater continues to expand its client roster, office space, and team, it simultaneously has been providing employees with extra bonuses and rewards that make our office a more productive place to work.

David often talks about making Zapwater the best place possible to work. That goes beyond great benefits and a great culture. Zapwater's goal in 2012 is to turn upside down any notion of what a small business can and can not do for its employees.

Here are some benefits that all Zapwater employees enjoy: • Four weeks of paid vacation: This year alone, Zapwater employees have spent their time away from the office in Thailand, Paris, California, Canada, New York, Mexico, and other various destinations across the globe. At Zapwater, we understand that a little R&R throughout the year goes a long way. • Zapwater pays everyone's cell phone bills: At Zapwater, we are always connected. While we are often traveling from meetings to lunches to events and more, we are able to stay in-the-know and easily accessible at all times. • You can earn a 5th Week: Interested in volunteering for a charity? Zapwater offers a 5th week of vacation if you use it volunteering. • Health and dental insurance: Zapwater believes that health and happiness is most important. Zapwater pays 100% of both health and dental. You read that right. Zapwater pays 100%. Providing full insurance coverage lets Zapwater employees know that their well-being is put first. • Retirement plan: During a recession, most employers cut retirement benefits. This year, Zapwater increased its match for employees. • Peapod Mondays: Every other Monday, Zapwater employees get to choose two of their favorite snacks to be delivered by Peapod. From pickles to Drumsticks, pretzels to Goldfish, our tastebuds are never lacking flavor. • Puppy Love: Zapwater is a dog-friendly office. Our favorite four-legged friends make an appearance at least once a week! Brooklyn, Boots, Douglas, Chloe, Leonard, and Henry make our office feel like home.

Does this sound like somewhere you would want to work? Email to become the newest member of the Zapwater family.