My husband works at a private high school in Chicago and in a little over a month, he will be chaperoning prom. Yes, prom. What girl doesn’t remember that time in her life when she gets dressed up, hair done in overly complicated updos, and tests out the highest stiletto shoes she can find? A couple years ago (and perhaps after a glass of wine), he encouraged me to join him as a chaperon to prom. His rationale? “We can say that we went to Prom together.” My response? “Alright, that sounds cute. Maybe I can pull out one of those old dresses sitting in my childhood closet that I haven’t worn in a thousand years.”

It’s true - my closet at home remains stocked with at least 25 dresses from over the years from homecoming dances, Turnabouts (aka Sadie Hawkins), and proms. Not a single dress has come up for air since.

It’s sad really. The year of my senior prom, Catherine Zeta Jones wore a red Versace dress to the Oscar Awards. The moment I saw it, I was sold on it for prom. I ended up wearing the same style but in light pink that year (updo hair and all). I haven’t touched the dress since.

It got me wondering, will the new generation of prom-goers find great options that they’ll continue to wear for years to come? Or will those ball gowns have only one Cinderella moment in the sun?

Well, our client Topshop gives me a lot of hope! They launched a “Dress Up” collection this week, a great compilation of dresses that are perfect for prom. From beaded dresses with fringe to sweetheart neckline strapless styles, they offer a great array of options for prom-goers.

If these styles had been around, I would have picked one for the big night. In fact, I can faintly hear the Multi Sequin Dress style quietly whispering to me, “Will you go to prom with me?” Note to my husband – you may have a date to prom this year after all. Happy prom season!

Jenn Lake Creative Director