When Whitney and Lauren first began their internship at Teen Vogue, we mean when Diana and Michael became the new Zapwater interns, we were very excited to be included in attending the PCC monthly luncheon. An afternoon of fine dining and stimulating conversation was only a cab ride away. Well actually we climbed aboard the Clark bus, along with Holly and Emma, and journeyed down to Maggianos in River North.

Upon our arrival we were thrust into a crowd of PR professionals. Apparently Chicagoans love a chance to leave the office and stuff their faces with Italian food. The luncheon kicked off with a chance for all in attendance to take part in a quick networking activity. The following five minutes provided an opportunity to meet a plethora of executives who all politely ignored the fact we were both extremely under dressed and passing out business cards that had Holly’s name on them. Diana wowed one lady in particular who requested her own business card at a later date. The food quickly followed and lived up to its reputation. Nothing beats a 3-course meal in the middle of the afternoon.

After lunch a panel of four media experts conducted a discussion on social media. The conversation was both informative and comical, especially when comparing various social media outlets to their daytime soap opera equivalents. We are sure many tweets and facebook status updates were sent out right after this analogy. The luncheon was cut short as we had to leave early and head back to the office to get on the horn about the impending sushi event that night. All in all it was a great afternoon and we proved you don’t have to be on reality television to be an intern with style.

Xoxo Interns Diana and Michael