The noise in the green marketing space has grown louder in recent months. For Zapwater’s clients, it’s no different.

To most paper companies, "green" is defined as the amount of recycled content in their papers. However, Zapwater client Legion Paper started by looking for papers that don't use trees in the first place. Hundreds of their papers are from highly renewable plants rather than forests of trees. Hundreds of other papers are made by hand, drying in the sun, eschewing the electricity-intensive paper machines. Zapwater recently help Moab by Legion Paper launch the Japanese Washi Paper. Washi is made from sustainable and environmentally-friendly fibers like Kozo (mulberry) and Hemp. This further articulated the process of what goes into the sourcing of papers that are manufactured with minimal environmental impact and Legion's dedication to bringing them to the marketplace.

To show what GREEN means to Legion, they developed five categories they feel best represent the key environmental factors that are important to its customers. Using these five categories customers can now identify those products which meet expectations for environmental responsibilities.

Next week, I’ll blog about another Zapwater client that is the industry leader in recycled papers.

Natalie Cowel