One of the best parts about being a Publicist at Zapwater is the array of clients that you get to work with and the never ending creativity you are able to explore. We are encouraged to consistently think “outside of the box” and put our creative muscles to work on a daily basis. For the month of September, my sites have been focused on a Salty Hog. What is a Salty Hog you ask? I got to hit the streets on a beautiful Chicago summer day with a videographer in tow asking the public just that.  We heard responses that varied from high school teachers to motorcycle riders to ex-boyfriends, but few people guessed the true identity of the mysterious Salty Hog.

The fact is that a Salty Hog is a creative, decadent, salty and sweet pie available for a limited time at Bakers Square Restaurants. The pie is unique enough (in taste and name!) to really have fun with. The award winning pie has been an overwhelming sensation at Bakers Square restaurants where it is available only for the month of September. We tried the pie at the office and agree that it is a force to reckon with. The saying that “everything is better with bacon” is proved to be true with every bite of this sinful treat.


Mimi Clark