As one of the newest members of the Zapwater team, I have observed first-hand what sets this PR agency apart from others: dedication to clients, teamwork and the ability to push the envelope. It is an office where hard work brings ideas to fruition and where publicity for clients is often won on a national stage.

With my background working for both small and mid-size PR agencies, the one thing I appreciate most about working at Zapwater is the staff. From our committed interns to seasoned VPs, Zapwater nurtures a collaborative atmosphere in which to work and learn. As a result, we are able to offer clients comprehensive PR solutions, no matter what the desired outcome may be.

Zapwater’s success, supported by our tagline: “We don’t make headlines, our clients do,” is dependant upon the success of our clients; an ideal that we continue to support everyday in our work. As a team, we remain up-to-date about current events, whether it involves talking politics over a Starbucks run, attending an industry seminar or skimming the hottest pop culture blog over lunch. We are always looking for creative ways to remain relevant to reporters by associating our clients with what is happening in news.

Potential clients, those who want to learn more about public relations and job seekers: give Zapwater a closer look. I think you will learn as quickly as I did what separates this agency apart from the competition!

Sarah Marseille