I was recently asked by my apartment building’s management company if they could photograph my apartment for their website. A building engineer had been inside to fix my hot water (or lack there of) and sent a memo to that management that I had done a nice job with the space. My first thought was… Weird. My second thought was… if I agree to this, would you lower my ridiculously overpriced rent?

Needless to say, I can’t deny a photo shoot, and my Missoni tile wall art deserves a little attention, so I agreed. It was brought to my attention, however, that if my apartment was one of the best looking in a 12-story building, I must have some serious design duds for neighbors.

I would describe my interior design aesthetic as “affordable chic,” or in layman’s terms, I could go with the really awesome, stylish sofa, or I could feed myself this year. In short, my apartment is a collaboration of hand-me-downs and clearance items that have somehow managed to look ‘alright’ when placed in the same room.

After working with some of Zapwater’s interiors clients, I’ve gotten a true taste of what impeccable design really looks like. From touring Paul Schulman’s incredible renovated projects, to admiring the classic coolness of Room & Board’s home furnishings, I’ve learned that interior design is an art that only an extremely talented bunch can master.

So while images of my apartment grace an outdated webpage, I’ll let Zapwater’s interiors clients stick to making the headlines.

Brigid Parr Assistant Publicist