Although I began working at Zapwater in January as an intern, this summer I have really been given the opportunity to experience a much more interactive and in-depth approach to media relations. For the past month, I have worked on the Specialty Crop Farm Bill Alliance, Red Kiva, Elm Street Liquors and Victory Liquors, as well as several other accounts. With Elm Street and Victory Liquors, I have been in charge of sending out their listings to local publications, as well as preparing press releases for both of their up-coming anniversary parties (which you should keep an eye out for later this month!).

In addition to solely making sure both venues make it to the pages of the daily and weekly publications, I recently pitched Victory’s weekly drink and food specials to the RedEye for an article on exceptional food and drink deals for every day of the week. Considering Victory has amazing specials that my friends and I partake in weekly, I knew this would be a great addition to the article. A little less than a week later, I opened the RedEye, and there was the article featuring Victory Liquors for their Wednesday night specials (which includes Karaoke for those who are curious). One of the most satisfying things about working in media relations is that you can actually see visual results for the work you have completed. Also, check out the article below, and definitely stop by Victory for some cheap but excellent food and drink deals!

Victory Liquors
is located at 2610 N. Halsted.

Rebecca Palkovics