As one of Zapwater’s resident mommies I feel it’s my duty to cover baby trends for 2011. So, here are my top trends for this year…

Trend #1: Homemade baby food. Making baby’s food at home may have seemed like a far-fetched goal for working moms (I know it did for me), but with the help of new products it’s becoming a lot easier. My personal favorite is the Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker which has helped turn making baby food into a simple, quick task rather than something I need to set half a day aside for. Besides the obvious benefits of homemade baby food (you know exactly what baby eats), it can also be a real money saver!

Trend # 2: I had never even heard of until after Austin was born, and I swear it’s the best kept secret among city-dwelling Mom’s! First of all, you avoid trekking through six inches of snow and getting frostbite during the winter. Second, the prices are cheaper than most grocery and drug stores. And best of all, it takes only minutes to order (especially once your recent orders are saved) and your baby supplies are delivered to your door within two days. You can order everything from diapers and wipes, to teething tablets, formula and toys!

Trend # 3: Baby goes green. Yes, even babies are going green these days. It may have started with BFA free bottles and cloth diapers, but now even disposable diapers offer green options. Take Huggies Pure and Natural diapers and wipes which use organic cotton outside, are hypoallergenic and include a touch of aloe and vitamin E. Check out their Web site for more details. Okay, that’s it for me! We’ll see what (or who) pops up next!

Kassy Reiff Senior Publicist