Trend #8: I Do's

In lieu of me recently becoming the new Mrs. Block and spending the last
year planning the wedding of my dreams, I've thought a lot about weddings
and marriage in general. With a new year on the horizon and the world in a
place where basic values are on people's minds again, I think marriage is on
the rise.

Family values and core ideals have taken center stage as the days of
materialism and designer labels have gone out the window with the economy.
With that, younger generations are wanting to get married again and putting
the days of the single life behind them. This trend will continue through
2010 with the wedding industry on the rise. Just look at the amount of
wedding shows on TV these days - even Hollywood has jumped on this

From Ivanka Trump to Gisele and Tom Brady celebs are saying "I Do" to the
marriage trend. I'm even predicting another Zapwater proposal in 2010. Stay
tuned to see who it is.

Annie Block

Group Director