I was blessed to have the opportunity to do a lot of traveling while growing up. Every airport, airplane, and travel experience is entirely different. Unfortunately, this includes the occasional travel nightmare. Whether it be having to check your bag because you just couldn’t fit everything into a carry-on suitcase, trying to navigate an unfamiliar airport to get to your flight while running late, or sitting next to someone who is clearly in the middle of battling the woes happen! Though it’s impossible to avoid the occasional hick-up here and there, here are a few essential travel-gear items for the ladies that will make their travel experiences easier and more comfortable, while also keeping them looking and feeling like their feminine selves!

3 oz. Rule be Damned

Oooh, the 3 oz rule. You are the blackhole of countless toiletries of mine that did not make the cut (confiscating my 4 oz. perfume bottle is just cruel). It took me, I dunno, only…years…to come up with a more organized system than hoping and praying that nothing else is taken from me at the security checkpoint. Thank goodness that companies saw a need for a solution early and started making sets of empty bottles. I particularly love these ‘Bobbi Brown Empties’ which are only $10 for the set and perfect for a weekend trip. Not only will you get the empty containers, but you will also get a funnel to make it easy to transfer your products with no mess, as well as labels so you can keep everything organized!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate (your skin)

Being in an airplane is very dehydrating and can do a number on your skin. I’ve been loving and often carrying around with me the mini-size of this Evian Facial Mist Spray since high school. The mini size is only 1.7 oz. (and therefore plane- friendly) and one spray will not only instantly leave your skin more hydrated, but will also keep you refreshed. Also, don’t forget to drink tons of water hours before your flight. This way you’ll stay hydrated but won’t be getting up every half-hour to go use the airplane bathroom!

Stay Comfy When it Counts

Picture this. You’re on your way to…let’s say…Paris for the first time and want to look chic and rested, but know that an 8-hour plane ride might make that impossible. My suggestion is to bring your own pair of uber comfy socks for the plane. Staying comfortable on a plane will help you catch some zzz’s and wake up rested. When you're mid-travel but not on the actual plane, throw on your favorite pair of heels to walk through the airports and you’ll be looking chic as ever when you hop into a taxi on your way into the city of lights! These Kate Spade socks are my favorite!

Unnecessary (but beautiful) Accessorizing

Okay, this one isn’t quite ‘essential’, but passport holders can be fun, feminine, and will make you stand out (in a good way) at Airport Customs! This Tory Burch passport holder comes in a variety of colors, but I especially love this cobalt holder with the pop or orange inside!

Germs Be Gone

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks (err…knows) that being stuck in a confined space with strangers for hours on end is not exactly the most germ-free situation. These mini hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works are the perfect accessory for any and all plane rides. Choose from scents such as Pop of Pink, Royal Purple, and Paint the Town Red, OR get all three for just $3.

Function Over Fashion

Sometimes functionality should be the deciding factor when purchasing travel accessories. I take TONS of pictures when I travel and am currently considering investing in some new camera gear in the hopes of starting to take my photography hobbie more seriously. If I do so, I know that I’m going to be buying this Gura Gear Kiboko 22L+ photo backpack. Not only will it fit and protect all of my gear and accessories, but it’s light and portable, which will make it easy to travel with.

‘Make-Up’ a Solution

As all girls know, it’s hard enough to keep our makeup organized. So it can be especially tough while packing and trying to keep everything as compact as possible. A great solution to this is to invest in a make-up palette. I especially love this Laura Mercier eyeshadow/ cheek palette from Sephora. These colors are perfect for spring and are fun but functional! Another quick tip: throw this in your carry-on or checked bag with your other make-up supplies- except your mascara and lipstick…put these in your handbag. That way, if you’re meeting friends or family at the airport, you can quickly touch up in the airport bathroom and certainly won’t look like you just stepped off a plane!

Bon Voyage!