Since moving to Chicago last June, one of the best ways to be introduced to the city’s well-known cuisine and dining establishments has been my loyal watching of Top Chef Chicago. The show combines factors that I consider great television these days, laughter, intrigue, drama, combine this with one of my favorite pastimes--food. How can such a show go wrong? It doesn’t.

The show has also been a wonderful tour guide to the Windy City's culinary delights. Featuring many of Chicago’s top chefs and restaurants, it has also showcased one the true gems of this city, Green City Market.

Little by little inspired by Top Chef Chicago and the Food Channel, I have been making journeys through out the city to explore my culinary desires. From Smoke Daddy’s to Smoque in the realm of BBQ to the simplicity of the complicated sandwiches of Hannah’s Bretzel. Some new venues I am anxiously awaiting to explore are Zapwater client Hub 51, Hot Doug’s, and Lettuce Entertain You's L2O.

With my weekend nearing, I plan to grab some friends and enjoy another night relaxing and chowing down to a grand meal.

John Delaney
Office & Special Projects Manager