(Zapwater's Offices, 118 N. Peoria in Chicago's West Loop)

For this monthly blog post, I wanted to continue sharing the experiences I’ve encountered while interning at Zapwater. To make it interesting, I thought I would pay homage to David Letterman and list my top ten favorite things about being a Zapwater intern.

Erin’s Top Ten Zapwater Experiences

10. The dogs- The adorable dogs who visit the Zapwater office can always make me smile!

9. The location- For those of you who don’t know, I was raised in a small town of less than 400 people. Needless to say, our home was surrounded by fields and a lot of empty space. I continue to be amazed by the size of Chicago and how everything is virtually at your fingertips. The view of the skyline every evening as I walk to the train station doesn’t cease to amaze me.

8. The environment -The Zapwater office is the perfect mixture of laid back and professional. I enjoy each day I’m in the office because while every employee takes their job, clients and Public Relations very seriously, they don’t take themselves too seriously.

7. The events- One really fun aspect that comes with being a part of the Zapwater team is that I get to do things the general public might not get the chance to do. Since starting my internship in December, I have seen some of the most amazing views of Chicago from suites at downtown hotels, met Top Chef Competitors who hail from Chicago, and was a part of the re-launch of the Fire and Ice Patio at Vertigo.

6. The opportunities- I truly love the opportunities that come with interning at Zapwater. This internship has given me the chance to network and meet new people. For example, I now know important people in the media and this is information that will continue to be valuable to me if I have a career in Public Relations in Chicago.

5. The clients- Working with prominent clients in the Chicago area is something I have become so passionate about. It is really great to see media placements of our clients, and know that they are doing big things that people find interesting and exciting. When you’re passionate about what your clients are doing, it doesn’t seem like work.

4. The tasks- Although sometimes tedious or repetitive, I love each and every single task I’m assigned at Zapwater. Most in the office have probably heard me say at least once that working in an agency setting is what I’ve dreamt of doing ever since I began studying Public Relations, and it’s true.

3. Applying my skills- After years spent in a classroom studying Communications and Public Relations, it is very refreshing to now have the chance to use my knowledge and skills in real world situations.

2. The experience- For anyone who is job searching, you know one vital component employers are looking for is “experience.” Experience in your chosen field and experience in the real world. I am learning so much about Public Relations, especially from an agency standpoint, and I will be forever grateful for the experience interning at Zapwater has given me. I am learning more in these short months than I ever did in a lecture hall.

1. Helping people- I recently attended a Sebastien Grey Event that changed my outlook on life. Our client forged a partnership with the Cara Program, a Chicago-based organization that assists homeless and poverty stricken individuals in finding jobs and forming a better life. Sebastien Grey donated custom-made suits to 50 men of the Cara Program, and these exquisitely dressed men revealed their suits during a motivational session that I was lucky enough to attend. Seeing the smiles on the faces of those men in their beautiful suits, and how they stood taller while wearing them, was an amazing and heartwarming experience that I will never forget.

Erin Luedke Intern