Despite my love of all things Chicago, I cannot bring myself to adjust to our city’s brutal winters. There is something about the runny nose, static hair and chapped lips that can make even the most well put together professional seem like a clumsy, frazzled mess.

In anticipation of the snow storm that has threatened to cover our streets this week with more than 18 inches of snow and slush, I’ve compiled my ”Top 10 Lessons Learned from a Brutal Chicago Winter.”

10. If there is more than 2 inches of snow on the ground, those cute Steve Madden boots are not appropriate for treading through the snow

9. Uggs don’t count as snow boots either

8. Your one hour reverse commute will literally triple in length when it’s snowing

7. No matter how much forewarning Tom Skilling provides before a storm, the snow ploughs always run approximately 4-8 hours behind

6. If you live in a 3rd floor walk-up and have to maneuver an outdoor staircase in order to get in and out of your apartment every day, don’t assume your landlord will shovel or salt your stairs! Proceed with caution…

5. At some point on the snow scale, even delivery-only restaurants will stop delivering in Chicago

4. Snow almost always falls its heaviest during morning and evening rush hours

3. The scariest part about snow in Chicago is realizing exactly which path the rats take to get to and from your building

2. My dog is always much more efficient outside when there is snow and ice involved

1. If you’re not a teacher and don’t work for the government, snow days are hard to come by. So, enjoy it while you can!

Sarah Marseille Senior Publicist