This week, Zapwater participated in our second official #ZapU offsite/training workshop. For reference, #ZapU is our recently launched team building and professional development program with two key goals: 1) To strengthen our team dynamic and provide ongoing access to professional training and tools to help our staff become the best of the best in PR and 2) To reaffirm Zapwater as the go-to agency in the Midwest by showcasing the strength and dynamic of our team and the results that come with it.

With our “working” Team Charter and guiding principles we established in our first workshop, we put those to work with an improvisational training workshop at Wrigleyville’s Improv Olympics (IO Theatre). There, in a “state of awesomeness,” we VROOM’d, we collaborated as Alphabet Bodies, we appreciated “blind direction” by being Back to Back Directors and we let our guards down with a One Word Love Poem (I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life). You’re probably saying “WHAT?!” And you’re right.

But what we learned, all in the name of fun, was how strong we really are as a team, how our respect and appreciation for each other only fuels deeper appreciation for our innate creativity and passion, and how poised we are to take Zapwater to new heights. And no joke, even the team trainer, Joe, mentioned quite a few times how strong and well-connected we were as a team, reminding me once again what’s truly so unique and special about Zapwater.

Only more good things to come from #ZapU.

Alana Horinko Vice President