Tonight, September 23 at 7 PM at RA Sushi on State Street

Over the last few weeks, the Zapwater team has staged the RA Sushi
Showdown, a sushi-eating competition for all residents close to the three RA
in Chicago, Lombard and Glenview. Being a longtime sushi fan
myself, I figured this would be a fun, entertaining event to check out. Of
course, I'm pretty sure all of us enjoy sushi at a leisurely pace, with
conversations, cocktails and catching up with friends. Speaking for myself,
I'm pretty full after some sashimi or even a few rolls. Well, just the
first round of the sushi showdown had me beat and in shock. In RA Chicago's
first round, the final three contestants had consumed more than 9 full,
un-cut rolls in four rounds and just over one hour, without any beverages
other than water or any soy condiments whatsoever. Some of these guys would
destroy one full roll in less than 2 minutes and 3 in less than 5. I did
not have the privilege of checking out the competition in Glenview or
Lombard, but from what I hear, tonight's final round is going to be intense.
Remind me never to grab dinner and pick up the tab for these guys....and we
all should be glad tonight's winner gets sushi for a year. What's next?
Maybe they can take on Joey Chesnut with hot dogs.

Come check out the finals tonight, September 23, at 7 PM at RA Sushi on 1139
N. State St. in Gold Coast. A portion of the drink and food proceeds and
entry fees from the entire Sushi Showdown will be donated to the Medical
Research Junior Board Foundation, supporting Children's Memorial Hospital
and Children's Memorial Research Center.

Kevin Metz
Vice President