Did you ever wonder how a gas pump turns off just at the right moment?

It’s called a metal float and the northwest suburbs of Chicago are home to the nation’s premier metal float ball manufacturer in the country. Quality Float Works, Inc. serves customers throughout the United States, Canada, Asia and Europe who rely specifically on floats to operate their equipment. Though many giants in the United States manufacturing industry have struggled to maintain export profits with increasing competition from international competitors, Quality Float Works, Inc. has grown by using innovation to break into new markets, meeting customer demands and placing a premium on quality prooducts.

So how did they do it?

Under the leadership of its Vice President and General Manager, Jason Speer, the company looked abroad for new customers to expand their business. And, they found them. In his lifetime, Jason has traveled to more than 80 countries and witnessed how developing countries were lacking basic infrastructure needs, especially when it came to drinking water. When he returned to home, the company started manufacturing float valve assemblies and now many of their float assemblies are used to purify drinking water throughout the world. Due to that innovation, the company has grown by 50 percent with international sales accounting for 16 percent of total revenue. And, this past year the company has achieved record sales.

As the company has grown, Jason has also become a leading voice in shaping public policy since government policies can impact small businesses and the manufacturing industry dramatically. Jason serves in leadership positions with several state and federal business associations and has been a sought after voice on how current issues affect businesses. He broke the mold as the first representative of a small company on the National Association of Manufacturers Public Affairs Committee and serves in leadership capacities with the National Federation of Independent Business, Illinois Manufacturing Association, Schaumburg Business Association and the Streamwood Chamber of Commerce. He has also been tapped to comment on how public policy affects small businesses and manufacturers. In April, Fortune Small Business featured Jason’s comments on how recent federal tax policies and new attitudes might impact small businesses. Just this month, Recently, The New York Times asked Jason to provide his expertise on international trade and exports due to a weakened dollar.

It takes an open mind and an active imagination to provide customers with not only what they need, but what they never knew they could have. With quality leadership like Jason Speer propelling its growth, the future is bright for Quality Float Works, Inc.

Ryan McLaughlin
VP/Group Director, Public Affairs