The Polar Vortex Fashion Guide: How to Look Cool While Staying Warm

ZAP-Blog_3.1.14 As a born and raised Midwesterner, brutal, teeth chattering winters have always been a huge part of my life. As a child, winters brought sledding, snow days and hot chocolate. As an adult, winters bring tears, heart ache, utter despair, inconvenience, terror, etc. And as a whiner throughout childhood and adulthood, most of my winters are spent constantly complaining about how cold it is.

While I sit here and shiver at my own personal pity party, I might as well look on the upside of what winter brings… a new season of fashion and a chance to revisit those winter staples I love oh so much, like chunky sweaters, oversized scarves and boots of all shapes and styles. Since I’m on such a positive streak here, I’ll mention that winter provides the opportunity to look cool and cozy, all at once!

Although personal fashion creativity tends to slightly suffer during the winter, classic everyday staples take center stage! You may be cold, miserable and severely suffering from seasonal affective disorder, but you don’t have to look it.

Here is my personal winter uniform – functional, simple and neutral… And may the force be with you for the rest of this winter.

  1. Parka: Select a neutral color. You will likely spend a fortune and a half on this piece. You want it to be cute and functional, so chose a shade that will match every item in your wardrobe.
  2. Fuzzy Hat: Go for a hat over earmuffs. A fully protected head will keep you warmer and hide that second day unwashed hair.
  3. Oversized Scarf: AN ABSOLUTE MUST during the polar vortex. (And in my personal opinion, a chunky scarf can make or break an outfit. SHOP WISELY.)
  4. Leather Pants: Leather pants will make you sweat any other time of year, but during winter, they are the most fashionable insulated pants around!
  5. Cozy Sweater: To keep you warm and to hide all of those lattes and muffins you’ve been indulging in this season.
  6. Practical Boots: Traction and waterproof are the most important words to consider when buying a pair of boots. The only thing more awkward and embarrassing than seeing someone slip on ice is being the person that slips on ice.

Brigid Parr, Senior Publicist