As publicists, we at Zapwater are constantly looking to our surroundings for inspiration. Inspiration for new partnership ideas. Inspiration for unique events and promotions. Inspiration for generating client publicity. You’d be surprised where we find our ideas. My latest inspiration comes straight from Chicago-based fashion blogger and style world sensation, Tavi (

Did I mention Tavi is merely 13-years-old? And yet, her unique perspective and entertaining writing style makes her one of the most widely-known and controversial voices in the fashion industry today. My world at Zapwater focuses not on fashion, but rather primarily on health and education-based clientele. And yet, after reading the wisdom of a 13-year-old girl, I cannot help but feel renewed in my daily work.

Tavi has taught me to look at things from a different perspective. She pays attention to the minute details most would otherwise look over and finds happiness in the smallest and sometimes most simple things. Most importantly, Tavi has proved that everyone, no matter age or experience, has something new to offer, and I look forward to reading her perspective each week. Who says inspiration can’t come from the mind of a teenager? YAY LET’S MAKE A SANDWHICH!

Sarah Marseille

Senior Publicist