If people could only see the looks I got from my friends and family when I announced that I was moving from Dallas to Chicago this past December. The question was immediately followed with a round of "Why's?” Why leave Dallas? Why leave your hometown friends? Why leave warm weather, tex-mex, margaritas and the cowboys? Why change something that doesn’t need to be fixed? My response was always consistent with- Why Not? It seems to be a common theme in my generation that people are settling. They are settling for lesser paying jobs; settling for "easy" relationships and settling with not striving towards their dreams.

As I was determined not to settle with having agency experience already under my belt, I was ecstatic to learn that an award winning agency wanted to have me on their team. It has been my goal to become a publicist and there is no better place to learn the ins and outs of the industry than at Zapwater. As many interns have stated, and will continue to say - no day at Zapwater is the same. From writing releases to working with national media, I have learned more about PR during these past two months than I have in the past 5 years. Our office culture gives off an exciting and creative vibe, which makes it an amazing place to come to work every day. Though I may have given up a lot of things to get here, the experience and adventures I have gained are invaluable. And with that, I am really looking forward to what these next few months will bring.

Alexis Lucente Intern