A new potential client came to Zapwater recently and Allison and I took full advantage of the situation. We now share an office, live across the street from each other, and have gotten tattoos together…but, that’s a topic for another blog.

While we were discussing where on our bodies we should put our tattoos, friends and family inevitably voiced their opinions on the topic. The most common argument against the tattoo is that it’s hard to think of an image that one would want inked on the body permanently. That’s a valid concern. What if I choose to get a boyfriend or husband’s name and the relationship doesn’t work out? However, the most annoying argument against getting a tattoo is what it might look like when I am old and gray. And, really, who cares? When I’m 80 and my skin is wrinkled and transparent and covered in liver spots, the least of my worries will be the tattoo on my foot and whether or not it’s still legible. Predictably following the question of how it will look in 50 years, the question of how I will explain why I got the tattoo to my children and grandchildren comes. I guess I will just tell them that one day a co-worker and I got coupons for $25 off a tattoo and after work one rainy evening we walked down Division and got a tattoo. I’m a sucker for a good sale.
You will notice that I have yet to tell you what our tattoos are of. Let’s be honest, you don’t really care…and either do we.

Mayra Camara