There’s a new hot trend in town and its borrowing from the beer world. While wines on tap have been growing in popularity in New York and on the West Coast, unique tap systems are becoming a staple of new restaurants in Chicago with beverages such as Champagne and cocktails on tap as well.

As a way to increase productivity and a more inexpensive method of serving glass pours, more and more restaurants are exploring this option for environmentally friendly reasons too. No more wasted bottles, no garbage, less space for storage, no wasted product, etc. Aside from all of the benefits to this system, there is also the “wow” factor of just serving anything from a tap and presenting it to customers in a cool way. Places such as Public House and Boiler Room currently serve liquor on tap and soon Chicago will see Champagne, cocktails and other liquids being served at new restaurants such as Tavernita and the highly anticipated Trenchermen.

Annie Block Group Director