ZAP Wanderlust: Switzerland


This past holiday, I opted to get out of town and travel to Switzerland for an unforgettable winter vacation. It was quite an amazing time spent in Europe. Although it’s considered to be one of the most expensive cities in the world, and definitely lives up to that standard, our stay evoked pleasant wanders throughout the city and neighboring towns, as far south as Interlaken and as far east as Davos . It may be known as a financial capital, but it’s definitely a city for chocolate delights and escapades, and I strongly recommend stopping at one of the many Sprungli shops and cafés to see exactly what I mean. Here’s a snippet of my holiday in Zurich that I hope you’ll enjoy and be influenced to visit, too!

Our first day began with a trip to the city, we stayed at a hotel near the airport and 4 train stops from the main train station in Zurich. One suggestion is to obtain a transportation pass that also provides free access to a few museums in the city. From there, we went straight to Sprungli on the main downtown street called Bahnhofstrasse (similar to Magnificent Mile) and opted for a cappuccino.

Bahnhofstrasse is one of the world’s most expensive and exclusive shopping avenues, considering that Patek Philipe and Mont Blanc stores can be found there. Zurich switches on its Lucy Christmas Lights along the famous shopping street at precisely six o’clock on the evening of the third Thursday in November. They are quite the spectacle!


This Beauty and the Beast library café can be found in the B2 Boutique Hotel + Spa. Their chocolate cake is made fresh every day!

Travelling outside of the city looks something like this. The scenery is outstanding and you’re definitely not in the city anymore! Interlaken, which is about an hour and a half outside of the city and reachable via rental car or the train, offers a great view of the lake.


Neda Bencun, Publicist

All images by Neda.