At Zapwater Communications we pride ourselves on not only hard work and great placements, but also our ability to forge long lasting successful relationships with our clients.

Since my first day at Zapwater I have had the privilege of working on the public relations for HALO [FOR MEN]. HALO is known throughout Chicago as the go-to salon destination for men looking to stay sharp, trimmed, and stylish. Over the past year and a half I have enjoyed working with them on countless promotions, events, and Movember (Thank Goodness my Stache is gone).

In 2011, HALO [FOR MEN] has expanded their brand to launch Chicago’s newest custom clothier, Sebastien Grey. The development of Sebastien Grey Clothiers is the perfect pairing of the business savvy instincts of HALO [FOR MEN] owner Robert Patrizi, and the extraordinary talent of Chicago’s best tailors. Patrizi envisioned an opportunity to further service his clientele by bringing a new custom tailoring brand into the HALO [FOR MEN] space.

The market called for a label that was not only affordable but offered apparel both classic and modern, the intersection of tradition and trend through expertly handpicked designs.

With recent placements that have included CS, Time Out Chicago, NBC Chicago, and Chicago Magazine I think it is safe to say the future holds great things for both HALO [FOR MEN] and Sebastien Grey.

Michael Corrigan Publicist