I have never gotten the chance to wear a hard hat in my life. However, I have always been fascinated with architecture and development and was incredibly excited when I got the opportunity recently to tour the Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee before its completion. Currently scheduled to open in September, the Iron Horse Hotel is located right in downtown Milwaukee and is the industry's first modern luxury boutique hotel geared toward business and leisure travelers along with the growing segment of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Besides the excitement of getting to wear my first hard hat and get a sneak peak at a hotel that is sure to change both the hotel and nightlife scenes in Milwaukee, the experience was a unique blend of seeing different aspects of the hotel coming together while also imagining the finished product. The entire building houses an industrial chic aesthetic that results in luxurious yet understated rooms as well as a lobby that is destined to be a destination in itself. Between the restaurant Smyth and adjoining lounge, the Iron Horse Hotel is primed to become the "it" nightlife spot for visiting musicians and city residents alike.With the upcoming Harley Davidson 105th Anniversary celebration in September as well as the opening of the hotel itself, I can't wait to see what develops next at the Iron Horse Hotel!

Rebecca Palkovics
Assistant Publicist