The beginning of spring means planting flowers, putting away that bulky winter coat, reading outdoors, and my personal favorite, collecting vintage books. I LOVE vintage books (I’m just that nerdy)!

Many people don’t know that I obsessively collect vintage copies of my classic favorites, but every spring my mom and I get together once a week to visit a nearby bookstore browsing the shelves for our favorite stories. I look for anything Shakespeare, any copy of Jane Eyre I can get my hands on, and old illustrated copies of Alice in Wonderland. My mom looks for anything by John Steinbeck, first editions of Dean Koontz novels, or collections of her favorite poems.

What do I do with all these books? They make unique household decorations, add an element of flair to a modern bookshelf, or make for great rainy day reads. Also, for the mom that loves to read, vintage books make a great Mother’s Day or birthday gift!

Looking for an older copy of your favorite? Check out these shops around Chicagoland:


Books at Sunset:

Myopic Books:

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Or visit!

Stephanie Poquette Asst. Publicist

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