Spring time in Chicago is quickly becoming my favorite season. After living in Los Angeles for five years where the weather is permanently 70 degrees, it becomes very easy to get jaded. One year in Chicago has taught me that great weather is something that truly needs to be celebrated! After months of snow, wind, and freezing temperatures Chicagoans rejoice as the temperature starts to climb.,

A happy buzz builds in the city, flip- flops come out, and the streets come alive with the hustle and bustle of pedestrians. I experienced this first hand last week when the Zapwater clan closed shop a tad early on Thursday to celebrate the birthday of our Creative Directory Jenn Lake. Walking down Rush St we realized we were not alone. The patios were jam packed with people who had flown the coop early to celebrate the weather with a post work cocktail. A vibe filled the air that truly could only be experienced first hand, warm weather had finally arrived!

As the season continues, Zapwater will be taking advantage of the climate and giving the town plenty of options and post work distractions. Stop by HALO [FOR MEN]’s 1 Year Anniversary in the Loop on April 15th with complimentary drinks and appetizers. On April 16th Winter is EFFEN over at the Sax Chicago’s Crimson Lounge when they welcome back former resident DJ Samantha Ronson for a cocktail reception that will be benefit the Spina Bifida Association of Illinois. April 23rd will feature RA Sushi hosting Meteo-RA-logy Madness, a sushi-rolling event that will pit local weather women against each other to raise money for local charities. Out with the old and in with a new season of Zapwater events!

Michael Corrigan
Asst. Publicist