As one of our resident digital nerds, I look forward to finding new social media tactics and practices daily. Knowing this, you can only imagine how tickled I was to find out that Chicago will be hosting a Social Media Week (and how thrilled I am that I just used tickled in a sentence).

Held around the world with 12 major cities hosting the event, Social Media Week serves to teach interested individuals about the latest trends in social and mobile media. The guiding principle is to bring thousands of people together to learn about how social media influences our day-to-day and what role is has in our technology driven society. To learn more about the history of Social Media Week, visit

With several companies and organizations from Chicago hosting events, such as the Chicago Tribune and the University of Illinois, this is sure to be a packed and interesting week. Zapwater client, Suite Partners, a Chicago-based social media company responsible for the creation of the LiveLab studios, Kenmore Live Studio and Craftsman Experience, will be hosting their own event during the week, teaching brands how they can turn Facebook “likes” into brand LOVE. To register and learn more about Suite Partners event, visit

The use of social media platforms to connect with your consumers/customers is crucial. Companies not adapting to these digital changes will find themselves falling behind. I hope that everyone considers attending this year’s event, if only to gain some perspective on the importance of digital practices. Hope to see you there!

Social Media Week will be held from September 19 – 23. To learn more about the week and view the entire list of events, visit