Social Media Spotlight: Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat

Photo Credit: Sprout Social

Photo Credit: Sprout Social

It used to be a simple decision to decide what to post on Instagram versus what to post on Snapchat. Instagram was a great spot for eye-catching photography while Snapchat provided an outlet for spontaneous stories to show your followers what you are up to at that moment. Now that Instagram has launched their Stories feature, it can make it difficult to decide which channel to use. However, after comparing the two, see below for why Instagram Stories is a great new platform to best display your brand’s content.

High quality content Just as Instagram highlights our absolute best photos and memories, let your Instagram Stories follow suit. Save the most beautiful scenery, eye-catching event décor, or major media moment for your Instagram Stories and keep the silly filters to Snapchat.

Large audience base Because Instagram has a large existing fan base for many brands, Instagram Stories allow a brand to capitalize on its pre-existing following of viewers. In a sense, Instagram stories may help maximize viewership and allow brand’s to reach the largest audience possible as compared to Snapchat. (credit: Daily Dot)

Diversifies types of content I can’t be the only one who gets irritated when the same user on Instagram posts photo after photo after photo or story after story after story on Snapchat. That being said, Instagram Stories allows a brand to break up what type of content they are posting and diversify the mix. Instead of only posting photos or only posting videos, Instagram Stories is a great way to mix it up on that channel and entertain your followers with new types of content.

Anna Schapiro, Assistant Publicst