Social Media Spotlight: Coming Soon, iOS 10


Emoji’s are fun, but we all knew it was about time for a new iMessage update. Apple isn’t letting us down and making a long list of updates as part of the iOS 10 software coming this fall (TBD).

Now, what’s so cool about the new iMessage? Basically, everything: handwritten notes, vivid full-screen animations, “invisible ink” messaging, a tool that “emojifies” text as you write, digital touch, animated texting bubble effects and the ability to make dinner reservations with a simple touch. Don’t believe us? See a preview for yourself on Buzzfeed.

iOS 10 will also include new features such as prettier maps, more responsive notifications, mini memories in photo, a raise to wake feature and Siri in-app features.  How do you think brands will update their technology and apps to tie into the new iOS 10?

Sally Carpenter, Summer 2016 Intern