Social Media Spotlight: Attracting the Eye of a Millennial

Millennials in a meeting For most, if not all companies, a main objective is learning how to catch the eye of millennials. Being a millennial and public relations major myself, this topic is often talked about when it comes to brands, new companies and PR firms. Many brands admit they have a tough time figuring us out with the endless amount of social media platforms there are these days. Here are some of my tips and tricks on how to win us over!

We Express Ourselves through Brands: The reason I buy, retweet, share anything, is because I feel a connection to the message they are sending.  Almost sixty percent of millennials say that the brands they buy reflect their style and personality (BCG Perspectives). It’s important for us to find brands that reflect our personality.

We Want to Experience Your Brand: Any brand can come up with a campaign, but only the most creative and innovated campaigns catch the eye of the Millennial. “Spend money on experiences not things” is true for most Millennials. Giveaways and street campaigns are more likely to win us over. More than 78% of Millennials are more inclined to be a part of a brand of they have a face to face interaction (Huffington Post)!

We Get our News from Social Media: 88 percent of millennials get their news from Facebook (American Press). Newspapers are not as readily available as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We have these outlets at the tip of our fingers. Personally, most of my feed on Facebook is news and magazine articles which I check every morning to see what is happening. Whether it's national donut day or a brand just launched a new product, these platforms are vital to any information you are sharing to us.

We Want to Know You Care: Being authentic and real is what we look for in a brand. We are looking for a friend and someone we can count on. The Coca-Cola Campaign made friends with us through their “Share a Coke” Campaign. It made us want to buy a coke with our name on it and share it with our “best friend." Millennials are more likely than any other generation to share experiences with others on social media.

Haley Robles, Fall 2015 Intern