Pinterest, capturing the hearts of social media lovers one pin at a time. The social media company, which is a little more than two years old, has finally taken off, and in a big way. Thanks to the mobile apps for both iPhone and the Android, people are pinning on the train, on the bus and just about anywhere they would take their phone (which, as we know, is everywhere). This obsession is leaving many non-pinners to ask themselves, what is this virtual “scrapbook” about? Better yet, it’s leaving many companies and brands asking, what is this virtual scrapbook and how can we get on board (Pinterest pun intended)?

Unlike its social media predecessors, the concept behind Pinterest is extremely simple. No need to establish yourself as a “influencer,” constantly update your photo album, or worry about how hip your blog post is, Pinterest really just showcases your interests. If you pin, like-minded followers will come. With that in mind, here are some great article that can help you get started on Pinterest, and possible answer that question of just what this rapidly growing social media site is all about:

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