Several articles have been published lately discussing the benefits of creating a mobile app for your small business or enterprise. While multiple misconceptions about apps still exist – they are expensive, they are not right for us, they don’t allow for creativity – those ideas are being refuted by the newest DIY trend in mobile apps, such as the services offered by Red Foundry. Red Foundry was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal article “The Ins and Outs of Mobile Apps."

The article brought up some great points about why having a mobile strategy is essential to the future of small business development and debunked some app myths: • Mobile apps have the ability to market and expedite exposure for your company • The monthly upkeep of a mobile app (publishing fees, maintenance, etc.) can cost less than $100 – sometimes it is even free! • DIY mobile software/platforms are NOT always confusing • Small businesses do not need to hire a developer to make a beautiful and relevant app • Larger businesses may opt to outsource their app development, but there are options available for under $12,000 • Be wary of app developers who ask for revenue-sharing agreements • Small businesses need a mobile app (or at least they need to consider it!)

Overall, a company like Red Foundry offers small businesses the chance to create a beautiful app, complete with the functions desired, without using any code. They have package options, such as their IGNITE Program, for companies who want in-house training along with their app creation. This option allows Red Foundry to guide employees of a company through the app development phases, but will also teach those individuals how to make modifications in the future without Red Foundry’s assistance.

Moving forward, companies need to consider a mobile strategy. Just as websites have become a norm for small businesses looking to propel their services and market their brand, mobile apps are becoming key features in new business plans. With an estimated one out of two Americans having a smart phone by Christmas 2011(iPhone, Android, or Blackberry) it’s no surprise you will need an app for that.

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