Is Twitter the new Facebook for PR pros and their clients? While many say yes, there are plenty of reasons to say no. Facebook has several features that allow companies more personal interaction with their clients and help them achieve their branding goals. Is it time to revamp your company’s Facebook page? Try these five FB features:

1. FBML – Facebook Markup Language allows those will little coding knowledge to simply create greeting pages or customized subpages for their company. Make sure your homepage is intriguing and has something to offer. There’s nothing worse than a FBML page that’s just the company logo. 2. Reviews – Does your company have a product or service? Let your FB fans provide reviews with this simple add-on feature. 3. Notes/Blog – If you don’t have a company blog on your website, why not incorporate one into your Facebook page? Blogs are a great way to establish your brand’s personality and opinions on industry trends or updates. 4. Interact – Sounds easy enough, but how many people actually do this? If you have a confusing or brand new product, offer a virtual tutorial. If you have a new restaurant, offer coupon codes or in-store giveaways for checking in online. The possibilities are endless, but show your fans that you actually care! 5. Photos – Sure it’s a Facebook fan page stand by, but photos can increase your “likes” significantly. Give your fans the option to tag themselves in your company photos, adding an element of personalization to your page.