Working at Zapwater with lifestyle and hospitality clients encourages the love to travel, and I recently was lucky to go on a family trip to Napa Valley. I had never been there before but had always wanted to go given my love for red wine, cheese and the beautiful scenery in Northern California. We visited some amazing vineyards – a mix of commercial and ‘hidden gems.’ My favorites included: · Del Dotto o While this vineyard is pretty touristy, the building is beautiful (Italian marble, giant caves lit with candlelight, etc.). The wine here was my favorite! · Caldwell Winery o This winery is way up in the mountains and had the most beautiful views. The owner is quite entertaining and sits with each guest who comes in for a tasting. I also loved how they served amazing cheeseboards to accompany the different wines. · Vincent Arroyo o This was such a cute and intimate winery. I even got to help put the wax on top of the wine bottles and me and my fiancée played with the two family, ‘winery’ dogs.

Some other great places to check out in Napa are the Silverado Spa (where I enjoyed a very relaxing spa day with my future mother-in-law) and Gott’s Burger Stand which hit the spot after a long day of visiting different vineyards!

Deanne Daneck Account Supervisor