PR Buzz: The Woes of Loving Your iPhone

Hi, my name is Sophia Bly, and I’m a textaholic. Well, I’m actually just addicted to my phone in general. I mean, why wouldn’t I be? I can work, date and socialize easily, all the time from almost anywhere. The thing is, this has caused a greater issue. At first, I was in denial. I thought I had tennis elbow or tendonitis in my wrist from my mouse at work. I kept thinking “Oh, you are working too much. Just take a vacation.” But then I went on said vacation for a couple weeks and the pain did not go away. Next, I blamed yoga. I thought too many cobras may have been the issue. Wrong again. Maybe the elliptical? NOPE! I basically cut every upper body movement out of my life except for one thing…my iPhone. Call it what you may – tendonitis, text claw, i-injury – whatever it is, I have it. The good news is, I’m not alone, and there is help out there. Are you experiencing text claw? Do you have wrist and/or elbow aches and stiffness followed by continuous cell phone use. Have no fear, Huffington Post posted a tutorial on how to get rid of this dull aching pain. And I’m not talking about putting down my phone either. Now, that would just be absurd. Want to know the best part about Huff Post’s little tutorial? I can do these exercises from virtually anywhere, anytime… when I don’t have 3G or a Wi-Fi connection.

Check it out:

- Sophia Bly, Senior Publicist

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