PR Buzz: How to Enhance Creativity

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PR is an exciting blend of communication, relationship management and event planning - with all of the above, creativity is key. Whether brainstorming an activation for clients or new influencers, unique ideas are a must to create amazing results. When the lazy hazy days of summer are slowing down your brain power, try some of the tips below to boost your in office inspiration.

Get moving: To change your ideas, sometimes all you need is a change of scenery. Maybe your usual spot in the office is at your desk, so grab your laptop and head to a conference room, meeting space or lounge area. The different environment with encourage fresh thoughts to begin to flow.

Color it out: Adult coloring books are all the rage, and while I am not endorsing breaking out your crayons and markers during the work day, I do recommend it in for after work hours. The intricate patterns found in many of the coloring books will allow you to express creativity in your downtime, which in turn may make imagination in the workplace even easier!

Decorate your space : Add a bright pop of color to your desk and work environment to re-energize your mind. Use neutrals as a base but add fun brights like turquoise, corals and greens. A fun space can help create a more playful mental attitude, allowing you to brainstorm new ideas more easily. We love this bright desk candle from Anthropologie.

Eat your way to creativity: They say we are what we eat, so add some energizing snacks to your diet to boost your inventiveness. Dark chocolate, nuts and green veggies are great. Have some almonds for a snack, kale salad for lunch, and a piece (or three!) of dark chocolate for an afternoon snack, and you’re golden.

Anna Schapiro, Assistant Publicist