PR Buzz: 5 Ways to Use Snapchat for Business


Is anyone else suddenly addicted to sharing your entire day from the shoes you're wearing to where you grab lunch to what Netflix series you're watching? Well, you're not alone because Snapchat has becoming one of the fastest growing apps with over 100 million active daily users. Ever wonder how you can engage those millions of users for your business? Here are 5 ways to do just that:

  1. Live "Snap" Events: In PR, we are always hosting and working events. An easy and fun way to engage users is to share a live video feed with followers to get a behind the scenes look at what our staff is up to and what is happening on the scene.
  2. Share Sneak Peeks: Is your brand launching a new collection or product soon? A great way to entice your fan base to follow you on Snapchat is to provide a sneak peek at the collection. This makes your followers feel even more exclusive when they receive exciting updates.
  3. Partner with Influencers: From food to fashion and lifestyle, Zapwater loves working with a variety of bloggers. To gain even more exposure on your Snapchat channel, have an influencer takeover your account for the day. This gives your brand the opportunity to reach a new fan base and give your brand another voice.
  4. View Behind the Scenes: As we mentioned above, people love learning about what it takes to put together an event. Do you have a TV segment coming up or is your client hosting a media breakfast? Share a sneak peek at the set up of items, the TV station or the table setting as you are prepping.
  5. Host a Q & A: Forget Twitter, host your next Q&A on Snapchat! Maybe your business working with a new brand or a new spokesperson. Host a series of short interview questions at a designated time and ask for your followers to Tweet questions for the series. Your followers will be more likely to keep following if they know the person behind the screen is actually human!

Have you tried using Snapchat for your brand or business, yet?

Katie Niemiec, Assistant Publicst