Ever since my wedding, I have been obsessed with inspiration boards. I know it's not some new idea, but i love them. I have even been know to make one or two for a few friends.
Recently, I discovered the best website for inspiration boards, Pinterest. A website where you can store online inspirations on pinboards. You create as many boards as you like and anytime you see something online that you like you "pin it" and it automatically stores your images. You can also follow friends and check out their favorite pictures. From home decor ideas, fashion, and photography it's a great tool to keep everything in one place. I can't count how many times I've seen something and when refering back to it, I can never remember where I saw it. Now, I pin everything and definitely spend too many hours exploring other people's boards and pins. This discovery also happened at the perfect time as I attempt to redecorate my living room and could use all of the inspiration possible!
DISCLAIMER: Annie even made an inspiration board for Zapwater's new office.
Annie Block
Group Director