I can’t believe it, but it’s already mid-April. With this time of year comes, warmer weather, and as any Chicagoan will tell you, the best time of year to simply, live in Chicago. The grass is actually turning green, the flowers are blooming and allergies are in full gear; a hit I am willing to take if that means warmer temps.

Also with spring, comes cleaning. In lieu of my traditional Chicago apartment size I am revamping my small closet for the season. This means under-bed-storage of bulky sweaters and back-of-the-closet boots to make room for light cardigans, sun dresses and sandals. In my life pre-Chicago I would never have to perform such a task, simply because I had a “normal” size closet but things change.

I guess you can’t really say these are “new” changes, rather they are just things that happen at this time of year. As a Wrigleyville resident, another thought that crosses my mind this time of year during baseball season: does anyone work during the week in this town?

Diana Romeo