I am still carrying an extra fifteen pounds of weight I gained from being pregnant. I have been getting dressed every day and feeling relatively normal albeit my wardrobe mainly consists of what I call potato sack dresses and tunics. It has now been almost ten months since my little nugget was born and the excuse of recently giving birth doesn’t work anymore and, frankly, hasn’t for the last six months. I simply will not celebrate her first birthday at this size and have set my goal to be in pre-baby physical shape by Thanksgiving.

I’ve been working out with Emily Hutchins of On Your Mark Coaching + Training for the last two months and she has definitely kick-started my plan to get in shape. From our initial meeting where she took one look at the way I walked and pinpointed issues I have to creating specialized workouts based on my goal and exercises I enjoy, I can’t say enough about her knowledge and professionalism. You will not see muscle heads flexing in the mirror at this small gym nor will you hear Jillian Michaels-like screaming with people falling off treadmills. The trainers and classes are focused on their clients’ goals and fitness programs.

Join On Your Mark Coaching + Training and Trail Adventures Around the City (TAAC) this Sunday, September 26th at 8:30am for the 6 ½ mile Pioneer Trail Run in Palos.

Mayra Bacik CFO