Oh My, Bow Tie!

Unless you’ve been avoiding TV, magazines, blogs and social media, you’ve surely heard about the upcoming Guinness World Record event hosted by TheTieBar.com. In honor of National Bow Tie Day (yes, it exists) and just because it’s a pretty cool thing to do, The Tie Bar will attempt to set a World Record for “Most People Tying Bow Ties at the Same Time.” The best part? Everyone that attends will receive a FREE commemorative bow and help raise money for a good cause. The Tie Bar is donating $15 to Goodwill for each person that shows up to help make history.

So call a friend, and have that friend call a friend, and join us at Wrigley Square at Millennium Park this Sunday, August 29th at 2 PM. But save the “I can’t tie a bow tie” excuse, because the Zapwater team is solid proof that just about anyone can master the notoriously difficult task. Our successes are below.

Check out this video and try it for yourself.

Mary Doyle Senior Publicist